Movie Theater Sex ;]


Sorry for my absence today followers. I should’ve posted some pictures into my queue but I neglected to do so. Anyways, I hung out with my boyfriend today and we watched a movie today. We were so naughty. We had arrived early so no one else was there so then we started making out and ended up having sex right there in the¬†theater. >.< It was so exhilarating to know that at any minute someone could walk right into the theater which just made it all the more exciting. ;] Anyways, just as we were about to finish, people did come in and I of course, panicked but luckily we were at the very top, last row and they went to the very bottom one and didn’t even bother to look up. I managed to put on my pants but my underwear wasn’t on. XD I had to put it back on later after the movie in the restroom. So yeah, I’ve crossed out movie theater now on the list of places where I’ve had sex.¬†

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