Advice For First Time Anal Sex


I Really Wish That We’d Done This =____=

First and foremost, clean you anal area, especially your hole, with soap and hot water in the shower before you have sex. If you are planning on having your boyfriend tongue your hole, it is mandatory that you also clean the area just inside you hole, but not too deep. It would be nice foreplay for your boyfriend to clean up for you while you’re both in the shower. You may even considering douching your hole at this time just to make sure no poop sneaks out during sex.

Next, if your boyfriend does tongue you, make sure your hole is clean. Don’t use lube yet, just let him use his tongue. But his tongue should be wet obviously with saliva. As he is tonguing you, just relax. This is the key word, relax. But, enjoy the moment as well. Take deep breaths as you become aroused, relax, and let his tongue into your hole gently. This will be an extremely arousing moment, as many nerve endings are located in and around your hole.

Next, when it is time for him to begin penetrating you, make sure he is wearing a condom. This is not optional! If he says you don’t have to wear a condom for whatever reason, make him wear one still. You don’t want to end up dying in 10 years from AIDS, or getting an STD. 

However, before penetrating, lube up your hole generously. Only use water-based lubricant, because silicone based and petroleum based lubes used for vaginal sex are unsafe for the anus and cause nasty infections. Make sure your hole is wet enough for your finger to slide though with ease. But don’t use so much lube that it begins to ooze out in globs. 

After you are lubed up, make sure your boyfriends hands are clean and washed with soap. Then, since this is your first time, have him penetrate you with just ONE finger. Do this for a few moments until it feels relaxing enough for you to be able to enjoy. It should NOT be painful. If you find it painful, either have him go slower or apply more lube.

Next, have him put in two fingers, and complete the same process as described in the previous step. After this, move onto three fingers. This is to make sure your hole is used to something penetrating it. It will allow your boyfriends penis to penetrate your hole easily, but still with tightness, and will be more comfortable for you as well.

When it is finally time for him to penetrate you with his penis, make sure he is wearing a condom! Have him lube up his penis a little. Make sure he his hard and fully erect, because a soft penis will not penetrate easily. Have him play with your hole for a while with the head of his penis, this is basically just to make you aroused and him as well. Then, let him penetrate you.

It may be better for you to ride him, since this is your first time, until you are ready to be drilled. Basically squat over him while he is on his back, and place your hole over his penis, lower you hole onto his penis, and let his penis slide into you. Slowly “bounce” up and down on his penis, while at the same time relaxing yourself and your hole as much as possible. Do this “bouncing” until you are ready to be drilled. 

While he is penetrating you, don’t just lay there like a lifeless log. Move your butt back and forth on his dick while he is penetrating you. Take control some times too, don’t make him do all the work. Ride him sometimes, and let him drill you other times. Remember to keep applying lube periodically so it is not a painful experience for you or him. 

Also, before he ejaculates, either you can play with yourself, or he can simultaneously penetrate you and finger you. The orgasm you achieve while there is a penis in your hole is enough for your scream and fall into a trance if the chemistry is right between the both of you. 

Remember: Clean Up, Use Lube, Fingers First, Use a Condom, Penetrate Slowly, Be Actively Involved, And RELAX!

Well, either way, never too late for me and my boyfriend to try this even though we have had anal sex before. >.<

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